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Welcome to my Jan Mayen web page. I am a civilian employee of the Norwegian Army, and am currently engaged as chief of electronics crew at the Jan Mayen Loran C radio navigation station. I will continue in this position until medio October 2006 when I return to the mainland.

As time passes by, I'll try to keep you posted on what is happening up here. At first this page was only meant for my friends and relatives, but as I can see from my web server's log, most of the traffic is from abroad (I have an idea most of this is from fellow radio amateurs, you will probably like to see the JX9NOA page with more JX-information). Most of the text is written in Norwegian language, but some of the old news are written in English, and I'll try to write more in English from now on.

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My postal address is: (Updated Aug. 2008)
Ole Martin Pedersen
Prestekrageveien 6-11

The Island of Jan Mayen is situated at 71N 830'W in the North Atlantic ocean. Both Norwegian mainland and Svalbard is approx. 1000km (671mi) away, Greenland is 470km (292mi) and Iceland is 570km (354mi) away. We live on a quite desolate place!

Here are my postings from Jan Mayen:

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