News from October 2006
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October 5th 2006

KV Nordkapp arrived

KV Nordkapp arrived right on schedule, the first Lynx helicopter lift also arrived on schedule, we are very pleased and satisfied here!

Right before lunch the helicopter got a hydraulics malfunction, we are waiting for spare parts from the coast guard, it is more of a common malfunction we were told.

All passengers are safely on land, their baggage and one snow plough also! More to come...

3. oktober 2006

Oppdatert: KV Nordkapp forlot Bodø 1700

Det ble etter sigende mye stress i forbindelse med lastingen av KV Nordkapp, de måtte flytte seg klokken 1200 da hurtigruta måtte ha kaiplassen. Det gikk visst såvidt, i følge ryktene, men alt av gods kom med, inkludert ferske matvarer og annet snacks.

De forlot Bodø 1700 i dag, de beregner nå å ankomme Jan Mayen etter frokost på torsdag. Det er ventet bra vær over havet!

October 2nd 2006

Change of plans :S

The transport situation for Jan Mayen has been unbearable for the last two years. The Royal Norwegian Airforce has 6 C-130 Hercules transport airplanes that were built in 1969. Cracks have been detected in similar US airplanes, so Norwegian planes have had load restrictions, making transport to Jan Mayen difficult. Now the last operative Norwegian airplane is grounded due to the detection of severe cracks in a Norwegian C-130 during full maintenance.

This means - transport to and from Jan Mayen with the Coast Guard vessel KV Senja. They will depart from Bodø tomorrow tuesday 3rd, arrive here thursday evening, unload and stay until monday 9th. They will then depart for Bodø with me and others on board. 

October 1st 2006

Last trip to Camp Vera - (probably ever?)

Svein-Ove and me had a weekend off, and left for Camp Vera on friday afternoon. The weather was very nice.

Saturday morning we hiked towards Camp Margareth to the south, Camp Margareth is a very small hunting cabin built in 1929. Svein-Ove is a handyman and reinforced the walls forthe cabint to survive this winter. Next summer this cabin is due for maintenance. Next to Camp Margaret, there is an airplane part, found by Trond and Atle last year. It has some numerical markings, «T2 2100 5  n 19», «T2 2101 12 10,» «T2 2101 12 9.» Do you recognize this part? Please leave a note in my guestbook!

Later saturday evening we built a huge campfire, it lit up the whole beach. Fantastic sight! Later the Aurora Borealis was so strong we could see it dance through the clouds!

On our way home to the station ot started snowing, at 400m the snow layer was about one inch. I guess winter is coming..

Wing part?Made of Aluminum, filled with hard foam

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